A small tree planted inside a protective wire enclosure in a grassy field.
Oak restoration Coast live oak tree planted at the Venadito restoration. © Laura Riege

Restoration is one of the key elements of the Dangermond Preserve’s vision of Preserve, Restore, Learn and Innovate.

Restoration projects range in size and habitat from converting 150 acres of former agricultural lands back to oak woodlands to removing 1,000 acres iceplant to re-establish coastal prairie, dune headland, and wetland habitats.

Restoration at the Preserve also aims to bring back culturally and ecologically important fish and wildlife, such as the critically endangered steelhead trout. TNC is removing barriers to fish migration and restoring creek habitat to support this iconic species and others such as western pond turtles and the California red-legged frog. Click on the points on the map below to learn about our restoration projects.

Restoration Projects at the Dangermond Preserve

Read more about some of the ongoing restoration projects at the Dangermond Preserve.

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